Our Story

The Nanni company dates back to 1910, when the Nanni family began as a manufacturer of wood frame lounge chairs. Since then, Nanni has expanded its reach from the beaches of Italy to the California coast, never sacrificing quality or comfort of our products. 

In 1972, Nanni created the first ever chaise lounge in galvanized and painted iron.  Just 5 years later, in 1977, we were the first company to put chaise lounges made with an anodized aluminum frame into production. What does this mean? Chairs that will not rust, corrode, or chip. In 1988, we introduced our innovative and patented technology which we still use today. In 2011, we introduced Nanni to the US, with the belief that our Italian-made chairs would be loved here just as they are in Italy. 

Our unrelenting commitment and love for our work allows us to approach each day with passion. We are dedicated to creating stylish, comfortable, and durable chairs made for all outdoor living occasions.